Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Make it Rain Trick...

Did you know EVERY girl can squirt? Yes, it’s true. Not just porn stars or girls who sleep around. If you have a vagina between your legs, you can squirt. 

Most females have done this once, twice or maybe even three times and perhaps never at all. Fact is, you have to be with a man who is sexually experienced enough to make it happen. Then viola, squirt away and feel the best orgasm you’ve ever felt.  MULTIPLE times!!!

First and foremost, the woman needs to be warmed up, Foreplay fellas. In order for a woman to ejaculate she must be comfortable and deeply relaxed. 

Secondly, a woman’s g-spot must be stimulated. One but preferably two fingers are to be inserted inside the vagina (palms facing up) and feel for the g-spot, a sponge like patch. The g-spot gets enlarged the more you stroke it and becomes solid-like. Men must use their fingers in a come-hither motion, as if you’re calling the g-spot to come to you. The more you do it and faster the motion is, the more the g-spot will get aroused.

For the woman, it will feel as if she is going to urinate. My best advice would be for the woman to let herself go and enjoy the moment that is about to arrive.

It helps to have the legs open wide. Every woman is different but in my experience, one leg bent at the knee and near my face with the other leg kept straight helps open the pelvic area and achieve the wide position necessary. 

After squirting for the first time, I can guarantee the woman will be so aroused by the heightened sense of orgasm, she will become addicted. The problem therefore, is finding the man can touch his  woman the right way and make it rain, tsunami or go for the monsoon.